Fertile Body Yoga

7pm EDT on Thursdays – classes running throughout the summer!

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Fertile Body Yoga manifested while I was going through my own fertility challenges. There was very little support available other than medical treatments. During my IUI and IVF cycles, there was a lack of acknowledgment that the body itself was a working system and not just a sum of its parts. As a yoga teacher I knew that the body had such a wonderful way of healing itself and that the mind played a significant role in this! I felt great while I was on the yoga mat: relaxed, confident, at ease, less attached, mindful, and content in life and in my body. Taking these feelings off the mat and walking through life gracefully while trying to conceive was the hard part.

This unique yoga class is based on the evidence that our bodies (and reproductive and endocrine systems) benefit greatly by the relaxation response, which is the opposite of our stress response.  While day to day life is becoming more and more stressful and making babies adds to that stress, our bodies are most often in a heightened stress response, triggering our sympathetic nervous systems. This means that our bodies are getting ready to fight or flee by sending oxygenated blood to our limbs and shutting down systems that are not important to survival (ie the reproductive system). What we often forget is that we have the ability within ourselves to balance this stress. The parasympathetic nervous system, often called the rest and digest response, tells our body’s systems that it is is safe and everything is fine, which signals our reproductive system to function optimally. Our bodies are more receptive to conception because they are as fertile as can be. Whether you are trying without intervention or in the middle of treatment, having the body primed and in a state of receiving is key.

Fertile Body Yoga triggers this relaxation response by incorporating both body-led slow flow yoga with restorative postures. The asana practice will also bring oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs, allowing them to function optimally, while also opening the hips, pelvic region and shoulders to relieve stress. Yogic philosophy is woven through the class so that you have tools to take off the mat and into the real world to keep you present, calm, and content. Creating a community of women to support each other is another great benefit of our classes.

All women at any stage of their fertility journey are welcome. Many of the women that come to class have experienced pregnancy loss and find this a beneficial practice to heal physically and emotionally when they are ready.

I am also honoured to teach Fertility Yoga at the Domar Center for their Mind/Body groups. Alice Domar is one of the pioneer scientific researchers of the mind/body connection to fertility.

Fertile Body Yoga is now online! Check out the YouTube channel and please SUBSCRIBE so that more women can find these offerings! Classes posted on a irregularly regular schedule.

Coming soon – I will be partnering with The Sitting Room in Lexington, MA to start an Infertility Mindfulness and Meditation Group.