Mind/Body Balance


Mind/Body Balance for Fertility: a self-care journey to support conception and pregnancy

Sept 27, 6:30-8:30pm; Sept 28, 12 - 3; Sept 29th 1 - 4
Wonder Yoga: 1305 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA


Mind/Body Balance for Fertility is a one-of-a-kind workshop that offers you the opportunity to experience non-medical fertility support practices in one weekend at an affordable price. Have you ever wondered what Reiki is? Or apprehensive about acupuncture because you’re a bit scared of needles? Maybe you’ve never done Yoga and think that you’re not flexible enough? Never meditated or used visualization but know that it would be a beneficial practice for your life? And what sort of massage is safe while trying to conceive? This weekend workshop will allow women who are trying to conceive to experience all the above practices through the lens of fertility.  Please contact us for permission to join if you are in the very early stages of pregnancy and need support during this time (kerryhinds108@gmail.com).

Join Heather Smidt (LAc, LMT, Reiki Master) and Kerry Hinds (Fertility Yoga Teacher, Relax and Renew® Certified Teacher, RYT, RPYT, Reiki Practitioner) for a weekend of nurturing relaxation, healing, and transformation. By affecting the body holistically with mind/body practices, women can truly relax, heal, and reduce stress, which in turn, will make the body more receptive to pregnancy. Read more below about each practice and what you will experience over the weekend.

Reiki (ray-key) translates to “universal life energy.”  It is a noninvasive bodywork technique whereby cellular uptake of nutrients and oxygen is increased. Reiki works on the energetic field, bringing more energy to the body to assist with harmonizing and healing where needed. It is a meditative practice that triggers the relaxation response, which is beneficial to fertility by means of lowering cortisol levels. During the weekend you will receive 2 attunements (switching on the Reiki energy flow), reiki spot treatments throughout the Yoga practice, and learn self-reiki hand positions to aid fertility so you can treat yourself at home.

"I can't speak highly enough of the Mind/Body Balance for Fertility workshop! After struggling through five back to back ART procedures, the workshop provided me with the space and tools to find serenity, tap into calm energy within my body and visualize bringing life into the universe. The way in which Kerry leads yoga is both restorative and empowering for ladies facing the infertility struggle. I felt like the inclusion of reiki and acupuncture by Heather offered further ways to connect with my body as I continued on my journey. I started this workshop shortly after a miscarriage in the Fall of 2018 and within weeks of completing it I actually fell pregnant naturally, and am due this summer 2019. I really and truly feel like the work we did in this class helped prepare my body for a strong healthy pregnancy! I'm so grateful!"

K.F. Workshop Participant

Acupuncture has become a popular and scientifically proven method of supporting fertility efforts. The chances of a successful IVF pregnancy is significantly increased when acupuncture is performed. Heather will offer auricular acupuncture treatments specifically designed for fertility. The needles used in auricular acupuncture are very very small and are hardly felt at all.

The style of Yoga taught over the weekend is based on Kerry’s Fertile Body Yoga classes. Restorative Yoga is a relaxing practice that supports the body with props and has very little movement. This style of Yoga supports fertility by going deep into the relaxation response which is the body’s innate ability to counteract heightened stress by flushing cortisol from the body. The slow-flow portion of the practice is centered on the pelvis to bring oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs. During IVF cycles and menstrual cycles, there are different needs: sometimes we need more energetic and vigorous flow, while other times we need a more calming practice. You will learn which poses are beneficial to which parts of your cycle.

Meditation and Visualization is used in conjunction with the restorative Yoga and reiki practices. Visualizations are an amazing way to give your mind a break from spinning out of control about your fertility. You have something to focus on and to lead you to a place of pure release. Visualizations are also great because when the mind believes, the body follows. So often visualizing certain positive outcomes, bodies will get onboard! Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically proven to calm the fluctuations of the mind and support women during fertility treatment to stay calm and to have a better quality of life. You will be given recordings of the meditations to take home and use on your own time.

Fertility Self-Massage is a wonderful addition to your self-care practice. Heather will guide you through different massage techniques and when to use them during your cycle. Massage is a wonderful way to stimulate blood flow and also balance hormones.

The workshop is open to all women who are on their path to becoming a mother. This includes women who: are undergoing Assisted Reproductive Therapy (IUI, Hormone Therapy, IVF); are finding it is taking longer than expected to get pregnant; are at the beginning of their pregnancy journey and would like to prepare the body; are looking for a non invasive approach to support fertility; have experienced pregnancy loss or losses.

Please note that this series is for women who are presently not pregnant and respectfully not for women who are already pregnant. If you are at the very early stages of pregnancy, please contact us for permission to attend the weekend.

If you have any questions at all please email kerryhinds108@gmail.com.

Please note:  This workshop is specifically labelled as supportive to fertility, thus meaning that we do not claim that doing these practices will guarantee pregnancy. We suggest that you use these techniques alongside any other therapies you are undergoing.

About Heather Smidt:

Heather used acupuncture, self-reiki, and massage to help her maintain a balanced mind and feel comfortable with where she was on her own fertility journey. A graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS, Heather holds a Masters of Acupuncture in both Chinese and Japanese Style Acupuncture. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shinpiden in both the Usui Reiki Ryoho and Komyo ReikiDo traditions. She has been teaching Reiki since 2012 and has been practicing professionally since 2009. Heather has trained with 5 different Reiki Masters including the late John Harvey Gray, Inamoto Hyakuten, William Lee Rand, Joanna Scaparotti, and Christine MacMahan. In addition, Heather completed a 750 hour training in massage therapy from the Cortiva Institute in 2010. As a former educator, Heather enjoys combining patient education with healing modalities to those in her care find balance in their lives. She is currently an associate acupuncturist at Angela Bell Acupuncture. http://www.angelabellacupuncture.com

About Kerry Hinds (PYT, RYT, Fertility Yoga Teacher, Relax and Renew® Certified Teacher, Reiki Practitioner)

Yoga was an important practice during Kerry’s personal fertility journey. Having experienced multiple courses of reproductive therapy, as well as pregnancy loss, Kerry has intimate knowledge of working through (not always gracefully!) fertility challenges and how powerful yoga, acupuncture, reiki, and massage can be during these times. She strives to provide a yoga practice that is thoughtful and beneficial to women on their own journeys to becoming mothers. Kerry has over 12 years of yoga teaching experience and holds training in fertility yoga (with Sue Dumais), restorative yoga (Relax and Renew with Judith Lasater), vinyasa yoga (with Jennifer Yarro and Vidya Heisel), and prenatal and postnatal yoga (with Bec Conant). Recently completing the Reiki Level 2 training with Lourdes Grey of the Usui Reiki Ryoho. Kerry has degrees in Experiential Education and Psychology and has a passion for the outdoors and the healing power of nature. She is the founder of Fertile Body Yoga which meets every Saturday night at 6:30pm at Down Under School of Yoga in Cambridge, MA. kerryhinds108@gmail.com