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Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington

I believe that yoga is for everyone. No matter where you are in your body and your life. 

My practice, which began in 2000,  has carried me through many transitions of my life. Dealing with autoimmune health issues and infertility have been the big ones! But yoga has also been there to guide me through raising children, being a small business owner, going to university, getting married, moving & living internationally, and in general, how to authentically show up in the world.

Yoga is a shape shifter – it bends and weaves to support, nurture, and bring clarity to the human experience. We’re all human, therefor yoga is an offering for us all.

Teaching yoga has been a constant part of my life since 2006. My first yoga classes as a teacher were in Sequim, WA and predominantly to retired folks. This gave me a unique start to teaching yoga asana, as it made me understand the diversity of bodies and how to care for and adapt so that everyone can enjoy yoga.

Asana, or physical practice, is a great starting point to explore the depths of yoga. I hope that you will join me in discovering what yoga can offer you, not only on a physical level, but on deeper levels as well.



Kerry's Yoga Experience and Training

The last two decades have been filled with trainings, workshops, retreats, and teaching. I have had the opportunity to train, learn, and teach with some of the most highly respected Yoga Teachers in the industry.

Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington
Certifications and Designations
Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington
Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington
Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington
Kerry Hinds Yoga | Plain Washington

A little more about Kerry

Kerry grew up in Vancouver, Canada and is now also American. Driven by a lust for new and different experiences, she has traveled extensively and has lived and worked throughout Canada, the US, Australia, and Germany. She recently relocated to Plain WA, where she plans to lay some deep roots for herself and family.

With a degree in Outdoor Recreation Management and a BA in Psychology with an Honours in Clinical Psychology, Kerry uses her formal studies to inform her yoga teaching.

Some interesting jobs Kerry has had include an Outward Bound instructor in Australia, a Backcountry Park Ranger, an Outdoor Education teacher, a cave guide, a nordic ski instructor, an English teacher, a Big Brothers Big Sisters program coordinator, and a waitress.

Kerry and her husband lived on a sailboat on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, then moved to Germany for 7 years. It was in Europe where Kerry was finally able to complete her Yoga teacher training and taught Yoga in Germany for many years. Moving to Boston propelled Kerry’s yoga teaching greatly as she began to focus on the softer sides of yoga to support women on their journeys through fertility, pregnancy, post partum, and peri-menopause. 

Fall is by far her favorite season, peppermint tea her warm beverage of choice, and if she were to start another career tomorrow, she’d be a clinical herbalist or an Ayurvedic Health Counselor (or both)!