What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary or alternative health modality that originated in Japan. 

Rei is translated as ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ where ki is ‘vital energy’. Most traditional Eastern cultures have different names from this same universal energy that runs through all things. 

In Yoga, we call this energy Prana, where Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine refers to the universal energy as Qi. Polynesians refer to it as Mana.

Reiki is a very gentle and relaxing healing modality that moves vital energy, or ki, into and through the body – adding more energy to the body to heal, relieve stress, and promote deep relaxation.

Hands are gently placed on the body or over top of the body. Certain positions or patterns may be used depending on what parts of the body are the focus of the treatment.

The session is deeply relaxing and when deeply relaxed, the body moves into a healing and regeneration state.